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About Burgo Bar & Grill

Burgo Invention


Burgo Bar was set up by a husband and wife team who both shared a passion for food. It was always their dreams to one day have a restaurant of their own, and in March 2017 the dream came true. Burgo Bar is a family restaurant serving grilled food, including, burgers, steaks, skewers, hot dogs to name a few, as well as serving a range of desserts, shakes and mocktails. The “homemade” element comes from the fact that the husband and wife team bring their food concoctions to life through their hub ‘Burgo Bar’. From the marinades to the sauces that are used throughout the restaurant, are all homemade recipes. Burgo Bar prides itself in the use of more “homemade” fresh recipes as opposed to using a readymade shop bought product, which is why you won't find any processed patty at our burger bar, and that’s a promise!